Embark on a Journey of Forensic Discovery! 🔍🌟

Embark on a Journey of Forensic Discovery! 🔍🌟

Forensic Discovery

Our captivating forensic investigation unites biology, chemistry, physics, cyber security, and more, creating a unified framework for solving complex mysteries. Beyond science, it cultivates critical thinking, teamwork, and unleashes creativity. A true reflection of our school's mission for holistic student development.

In this adventure, both primary and secondary students join forces, enriching one another's knowledge. Primary students delve into advanced concepts, guided by their secondary peers. Meanwhile, secondary students strengthen their understanding by teaching and mentoring. It's an educational journey for all ages, aligning perfectly with our school's vision.



1. Fire: "Playing with Fire!" - Discover how different liquids can set the stage ablaze as you unravel the secrets of forensic chemistry.

Playing with FIre!

2. Footsteps: "Sleuthing in Style!" - Put on your detective hat and choose your path – measure or trace, as you decode the mysterious footsteps left by our cunning culprits. Let your creativity and critical thinking shine!
"Sleuthing in Style!"

3. Fingerprint: "Unmask the Invisible!" - Dust for prints and lift the veil on how easily fingerprints can be revealed with a little flour and tape. Get ready to solve the fingerprint puzzle!
Unmask the invisible!

4. Cyber Security: "Hack the Code!" - Enter the digital realm as you use Scratch to crack the code. Sharpen your coding skills and outsmart the cybercriminals!

Hack the code!

5. Paper Chromatography: "Ink-specting the Clues!" - Dive into the world of ink analysis with paper chromatography. Uncover the secret messages left behind by the culprits and see how chromatography solves forensic mysteries.


Let's make science and forensics an exciting adventure for our students! 🕵️‍♂️🔍🔬🚀


Champion 1

Champion 2